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Please be informed that four (4) cookies are used by our website, as essential, respectively as performance cookies, and which do not collect information in order to identify you as a data subject. These cookies are used for the sole purpose to improve this website availability.

Below you may find relevant information from our cookies policy which can be changed at any time, consequently please read the last revised version which is announced on this website, as follows:

About Cookies

Cookies are a small text files which store a small number of pieces of information when you visit a website. Generally, such a file contains two elements (its name and its content) and its life duration is a limited one. Cookies are passive files and do not constitute a danger for your electronic devices. For more information in this respect please refer to:

Purpose of The Cookies Used by Us

The sole purpose of the Cookies used by our website is to improve the way how our website works. We do not collect personal data from the visitor of our website or to identify the visitor as a data subject and we do not require personal data to be sent by using our website either. Moreover, due to the specific/type of our activity, we do not use cookies for marketing purposes.

Types of Cookies Used by Us

The cookies used by our website register information about the visits on our website, such as: which pieces of content have been accessed, each visited page, how long it takes a visit and others of such type. Thus, our website contains the following cookies:

  • _gid a performance Google Universal Analytics cookie for the statistical purpose to store each page visited and without identifying the visitor as a personal data subject; this cookie expires in 24 hours;
  • _ga a performance Google Universal Analytics cookie to distinguish between visitors by assigning a randomly generated number and to calculate visitor session for statistical purposes; it expires in 24 months;
  • devicePixelratio, an essential cookie which collects in anonymously way and for statistical purpose information about the type of devices used to visit our website; this cookie expires in 7 days;
  • time, an essential cookie which collects for statistical purpose information about the duration of a visit on our website and which it expires at the end of the respective visiting session.

How the Cookies Can Be Controlled

Any visitor may refuse or agree on cookies or specific cookies by using her or his browser options or settings as the case may be: Chrome, Safari, Safari Mobile, Firefox, Microsoft Edge. More pieces of information in this respect you can find please at:

Security and Private Life Safeguards

The above-mentioned cookies do not represent and are not designed to contain any viruses, malware functions or used by us to be harmful in any way. We keep our website’s performance in technical safe and updated operating system, however neither of us can omit that the Internet infrastructure is never secure nor completely private and that is why we are kindly request to our visitors to use secure and updated browsers.

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