The first Global Legal Hackathon will take place during the weekend of 23 to 25 of February 2018, in over 50 cities, including Bucharest, Romania. It’s 50+ dedicated hours of brainstorming, problem solving, mentoring and innovation will impact and reshape the legal and tech industries from all corners of the world.

The Global Legal Hackathon will present an opportunity for everybody in the industry, no matter how seasoned or junior, tech-savvy or not, to roll up their sleeves and join with friends, co-workers, colleagues, to fully immerse themselves in the cutting edge of legal technology for a weekend.

Teams can be organized by law firms, companies, or law schools. They can be cross-functional or even cross-organizational. Ideas can be for-profit, for the public good, incremental, or revolutionary. The Global Legal Hackathon is by and for the legal industry and we hope that it will grow to become the single largest legal tech education event in history!

The winning teams of each event will be invited to attend a reception in New York City in April, where all innovators will finally meet and the best teams will be awarded.

We, Hristescu & Associates are proud organizers of this event and fully engaged to supporting the future legal industry shapers coming from Romania. We wish to get to know as many talented, like-minded individuals at our event in Bucharest.

If you are interested in participating, visit our website for registration and a full, in-depth description of our event and our facebook page for finding out the latest news in the Global Legal Hackathon movement.


Proud to support the best,

Hristescu & Associates